Emerito Limited - Networking


We know that computer networks can be complicated. At Emerito can simplify them for you. Whatever your business needs, from a small company starting out to a large corporation with developing IT requirements, we can provide solutions in a language you understand.

Just starting out

Perhaps you've just started your own company and don't have a clue where to begin? Maybe you have two or three computers already and want to connect them together to start sharing information? How do you do it? What step should you take next? Confused by terms such as Broadband, LAN, WAN, VLAN, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, ISDN, ADSL, Cat 5e, wireless networking?

Relax. We can help.

We can turn the baffling technical jargon used throughout the IT industry into plain, old fashioned, English.

We can show you how to make the most of the equipment you may already have by creating a simple, low cost, network. How much time and money do you waste printing out unnecessary documents just so your colleagues can review them? Or perhaps you spend unproductive time copying spreadsheets and letters to and from floppy disk so your colleagues can have copies? As everyone knows, in business, time is money. A simple connecting together of your existing equipment into a network can enable you to share your documents, printers and internet access easily and efficiently.

Building a good, reliable, simple network needn't be prohibitively expensive. Call us now to find out how we can help you make the most of your IT.

Already have a network

If you have an existing network you already know some of the benefits you have obtained. However, maybe there is more you could be doing, more time and money to be saved. A network is just the start. By broadening your horizons and developing your IT set-up, we can help your IT systems work harder for you.

Network Services

Network Design and Implementation

From brand-new sites to existing networks, Emerito can help design and implement a network solution that is right for you. With a wealth of experience gained through years of 'hands-on' experience, we can assist you in choosing the most cost effective combination of hardware and software to help you achieve your business goals. As Emerito are manufacturer independent we can supply the equipment that best fits your unique requirements; both in terms of functionality and price.

In addition, if you have particular manufacturer preferences, already have some equipment you want us to use, or would just simply prefer to purchase the equipment from your own sources, we are happy to augment your existing supplies with our knowledge and expertise.

Network Problem Investigation

If your network is causing you problems; is unreliable and seemingly slow, then perhaps it needs a health check. Emerito engineers can attend your site, diagnose problems and recommend solutions. We are experienced in all forms of computer network, from small, single site installations to large multi-site, multi-national infrastructures.

Integrated Voice and Data

Many companies with multiple sites spend a lot of money on inter-site telephone calls. With an integrated Voice and Data solution you could make massive savings on your telephone bills and improve the flow of data throughout your organisation. Imagine never paying for an inter-site telephone call ever again! If you already have an existing data network between sites, you could find that the cost of the additional equipment is paid back within as little as one year; after that you'll be saving on every inter-site telephone call you make.

Wireless Networks

For many small businesses a wireless network can provide a cheap and easy way to connect your computers together. Although not suitable for use in all situations (wireless coverage can be quite variable and is never as good as the figures quoted in the adverts) wireless networks can be useful in small offices or those where running cables is problematic.

Remote Access & Home Workers

With more and more companies employing home workers the requirement for secure, efficient, remote access to company data is growing rapidly. Whether it's simply a matter of being able to check email, gaining access to documents, spreadsheets or more complex applications, we have been designing, installing and supporting these types of system for many years.

Structured Cabling

Emerito can provide a comprehensive structured cabling service to help you work more efficiently and easily. Encompassing all types of network cabling (Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre Optic) we can help you design and implement a complete Voice and Data cabled network for your premises, creating a cleaner, simpler, working environment. Our engineers have been providing these services for nearly 20 years and have vast experience in all types of data and telephony networks.