Emerito Limited - Security


Great though computers are there are plenty of security concerns when using them. From viruses and trojans, to hackers, crackers and general scoundrels you need to keep them out.


Firewalls help to keep your network safe and secure from unauthorised access by other Internet users (such as feared hackers and the like). We offer products from all the major vendors with prices starting at less than £100 + VAT and going up to many £'000's.


Everybody has heard about someone whose computer has been attacked by a virus. However, by taking sensible precautions and getting us to install a good commercial anti-virus package (such as McAfee or Symantec to name just two) you can help keep yourself protected and immune. They are cheap (certainly much cheaper than losing all your work and having to reinstall your computer) and generally very effective.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

We are experienced in installing and configuring various forms of VPN (whether client-to-host based or site-to-site).