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Bespoke Software

Here at Emerito we have vast experience in designing, writing and implementing bespoke database applications. All businesses are unique (including yours) and only you know exactly what capabilities your IT systems need to have. That's why off-the-shelf applications don't always fit the bill. Let us design the perfect software for your business. Our experience ranges from Retail to Warehouse and Distribution systems; from systems with one user to many hundreds.

Database Design

The design of a database can directly affect its usefulness to your business. In essence a database is simply a structured collection of related information. However, the way in which it is organised and how you relate to it will define how efficiently it can be accessed and be made to work for your company. Many companies are not using the full potential of their existing databases. With a thorough analysis of your requirements we can help you put together a data model that will support the delivery of an efficient and comprehensive database system, and help you make the most of this valuable asset.

Software Selection

If you are considering implementing a new software package but are confused by the vast array of products available and don't have the time to review them all yourself, then we can help you. We can help draw up a shortlist of products that meet your most demanding needs and investigate the market for you. After an initial meeting to understand your specific requirements, our consultants can arrange for demonstrations of the products that are most suitable for your needs. We can present you with a graded list containing the 'pick of the crop' and help you make your final selection. We can even carry out the contract negotiations for you.

Reports, Data Mining and Extraction

As the old saying goes, a business's most important asset is its staff. Well, it's only half right! An incredibly powerful and potent asset comes from your business's data. Remember, knowledge is power, and it's that wealth of information you have painstakingly gathered over the years that can tell you an amazing amount about your customers and their spending habits. Use it, don't lose it! With some well-structured reports you could be surprised at the information you actually already have within your computer systems. Let us help you to discover your data's hidden secrets. Using a whole range of data extraction tools (both new and old) we can unlock the door to greater awareness (and more profit!).